Who We Are

We are seniors at a school in Kirkland, WA called Eastside Preparatory; our main goal in this project is to create a legible and understandable guide through the steps of acquiring an array of voting machines, manipulating software and hardware of those voting machines to bypass their security, and to give our opinions on the current operation of elections in the United States.

The majority of our work is focused around a machine named WinVote, which operates on a custom, stripped-down installation of Microsoft Windows XP. We also focus our work on a series of Accuvote TSX voting machines, which are still in use across the country. In doing this work, we hope to prove that even a few high-school students with limited resources can both purchase and penetrate the security of voting machines still in use.

Over the course of our senior project, the three of us (Rory, Henry and Ernst) will compile data, information, and opinions that we will share on this site, culminating in a presentation and demonstration.]
Special thanks to Josh Benaloh, Matt Bernhard, and Alex Halderman, for supporting and advising us in this project!